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Winter’s Rest

Image by gayleenfroese2 from Pixabay I am winter’s child – born in the middle of November in southern Alaska, where winter traditionally greets the land with a frosty kiss circa the second week of October. I recall a first grade discussion on the seasons, and when asked which months were part of winter, I rattled … Continue reading Winter’s Rest

A Year and a Day – Day 1&2

As I wrote of previously, I’ve been undergoing something of a reclamation process. A journey, through which I am fighting to find myself as a spiritual being after many years of being both numb and lost. As time goes by, some of the reasons for that period of estrangement might be delved into here, but … Continue reading A Year and a Day – Day 1&2

“A Year and a Day…”

The crow whispered to me throughout this experience, goading me to hold on to myself. To hold on to that one thread. To listen with my heart and my head for once.

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